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Emergency Telephone Numbers: 
+31 (0) 6 10134615 and +31 (0) 6 50233303
If you cannot find the answer to your question in this document, please send us an email.


Dear Customer,

We would like to point out that we as a photo studio, have to take extra measures to be able to do the session in a safe 
way according to the guidelines of the RIVM. 
Below you will find the measures we will have to take and the measures we expect from you to be well prepared for to 
enter the session.

We want to approach it as safely as possible for everyone. 
That is why we use an adjusted method and planning so that there is as little contact as possible 
between you and the previous / next customers 
and with which we can best protect both ourselves and the customer. 
We hope for your understanding in this situation.

Good to know

- If you or someone in your family has a cold, cough, is short of breath or has a fever, 
you will not come to the photo studio, 
you can cancel prior to the session via whatsapp on number 0650233303 or via email
only in this way can you schedule a new session free of charge within 2 months.
-We ask you to arrive in the first set of clothes in which you want to be photographed 
in order to optimally spend the time, this way we have time for a clothingchange in between.
-Be on time and preferably even 5 minutes earlier so that we lose as little time as possible 
during the photo session, we know that this can be a challenge with children, 
but we urge you that you do not exceed 10 minutes in this situation. 
because this affects the next appointment.
-If you arrive more than 5 minutes early at the photo studio, you will wait outside or in the car.
-You ring the bell at all times,
 If a mandatory screening is necessary it will also take place before you enter the studio space.
Do not just step into the photo studio, first look inside to see if there are no other customers. 
If this is the case, please ring the bell to let us know that you are there. 
You will be notified when we are ready for you.
-There is a disinfection station, we ask you to use it upon entry and when using the computer.
-We do not shake hands and keep the 1.5 m distance, we expect the same from your household.
- we ask you to bring your own drinks during the session, after the session we will offer you water/ coffee / tea
-Because our studio space is limited in size, you must wear a mouth mask 
during the times when we are not taking photos. 
Of course you will be photographed without a mouth mask.
-When the 1.5 is currently applicable we only photograph families who live in the same household. it is in this case not possible to take a picture with members of another family.
-Only the people who have their picture taken are allowed to be present in the photo studio. 
Extra people from the same household can be added to the photo session for 10 euros per person 
according to your session. 
Do you want to bring a spouse or children even when they are not in the picture? 
We ask you firmly to leave them at home. 
Our photo space is limited, so extra audience or children playing running around in the studio 
is not an option in these times.
-The session lasts a total of 60 minutes, including photography and viewing time. 
Afterwards, depending on the chosen session, you will receive in most sessions a 20x30 printout 
of your choice to take home.
-it is wise to provide additional distraction material or toys for your children so that you can view the photos.
-At the moment you can only pay by PIN or the exact amount in cash (we do not have change in our studio).

About our photographers

-Our photographers adhere to the basic rules set by the RIVM
-When the photographer has any symptoms, the photographer stays at home. 
When a member from the photographer's family is coughing, short of breath or has a fever, 
the photographer stays at home. You will be contacted via whatsapp and email if applicable. 
The photo session will be moved to the next available date.
-In between each session we clean the studio space including viewing area, kitchen unit, 
toilet facilities and photo accessories such as buckets, boxes and steps.
-We work with an adapted schedule so that customers have as little chance as possible of crossing each other
-Our photographers wear face protection if applicable or if you want them to.

In summary: What is most important

-Only people who will be photographed are allowed to be present during the session. 
(if your child is going to be alone in the photo, then 1 parent can be present) if you have more children participate in the photoshoot then you can bring your signicifant other to help out.
-Prior to the session, you send us your mobile phone number where you can also be reached last-minute.
-You can only book partners and children from your own household at an additional cost of 10 euro p.p.
-You and your children will arrive in your first clothingset.
-You bring a mouth mask and wear it when you are not in the picture.
-You arrive on time otherwise we have to reschedule the session a fee could be charged of 15 euro
-We assume that you are honest, 
so we emphasize that you and your family stay at home when you have complaints. 
(also with mild complaints) we can send you home if we have any doubts 

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est. 2013

Fotostudio in Amsterdam. Gespecialiseerd in zwangerschapsfoto's, babyfotografie, jonge gezinnen & families.