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A pregnancy session is a very special session that you may only take once in your life, they are special photos to have of yourself. Below are general tips and facts about the pregnancy session.

General information

Below is general information about our photo studio

-The address of the photo studio is Windtunnelkade 8
1059BZ Amsterdam and is located in Amsterdam Old South

-The studio is located directly on the A10 and is easy to reach, there is ample parking. On Saturdays there is free parking. There is a digital meter around the corner where your license plate number needs to be entered.

-The session lasts a total of 60 minutes, including photography and viewing time.

-Before we can start the session you will receive a registration form that must be completed. Among other things, your personal data is collected on this and this data is necessary to be able to process your session in our system.

-It is advisable to review our GDPR and terms and conditions provided to you in the mail

-After the photography you can immediately select the gift photo 20×30 print to take home with you and sort out your pictures if you want to order digital pictures

-You can book extra people such as a partner, grandparents, brothers/sisters for 10 euros per person. You can preferably make this known in advance of the session so that the photographer can prepare for the photography.

-Our team consists of 5 professional independent female photographers.

-If you have done a session with us before, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will get the same photographer, you can of course express your preference and we will do our best to take this into account.

-It is not possible to take photos and videos yourself with your phone or camera during photography. We expect you to only pull out the device to show examples. If you continue to do so despite warnings, we may terminate the session.

Public transport accessibility

-The studio can be reached by public transport by bus, tram and metro.

-Bus lines: 62 stop Naaldwijkerstraat. 6 min walk

-Tram line: 2 stop Hoofddorpplein 15 min walk

-Metro line: 50 stop Henk sneevlietweg 15 min walk

-You can transfer to bus 62 from both the metro and tram stops at the Naaldwijkerstraat stop.

Tips and facts about the session

-Have you done a session with us before? And do you want to recreate photos from the first session? make sure you bring these photos with you (on your phone or tablet) so that we have them at hand right away and don’t have to lose time.
If we have used rugs from our photo studio for this, you can use them at your own risk. We do not have the possibility to wash the rugs between each session and therefore cannot guarantee that they are clean

-If you already have children, but they are not included in the photo, please leave these children at home.

-Of course we like it if you bring examples of photos that you like. Please note, however, that we cannot reproduce some photos verbatim. Of course we advise you on the spot about the possibilities

-The photos from your session can possibly be used to promote our own website, but we only do this to supplement our portfolio, with photos that we as photographers are proud of. They will never be resold to third parties the photos will only be used with the permission indicated by you according to the registration form.

Clothing tips and accessories

-Preferably come to the studio in the first clothing set and bring an extra set of clothing to change in between for variation. This way you make efficient use of the available time.

-If you want to pose naked, in underwear or only with a bare belly, make sure you do not wear tight underwear under the clothing and make sure that any belly band is not worn over the stomach (even if it is loose) this is to avoid stretch marks in the skin and to avoid extra costs for retouching.

-Elegant transparent cloths are available in different colors It is advisable to wear black underwear underneath and preferably a strapless bandeau band for the best result

-If you like it, you can bring extra stuff to make the shoot even more personal, think of accessories or stuff (shoes, pacifier, cuddly toy, tape measure, mice, letters, etc..) we’ll see what we can use on the spot .

-Of course there is room to bring in your own ideas, please!

-Are you insecure about your stomach because of the cold? stretch marks? We have great solutions without having to retouch bare belly photos right away.

-If you add a child or partner to the photo session, make sure your clothing is coordinated. With white clothing, pay attention to whether the colors white match.

-Did you book a child in the photo session? Make sure there are enough distractions

-With your choice of clothing, take into account that dark hair/clothing and footwear do not look good on the black background, as well as light blond hair/white clothing and footwear on a white background. We recommend that you take the photos on the gray background.

What should you bring to the session

There are a number of things you should bring to the studio yourself to make the session run as efficiently as possible.

-If you want to use something specific in the photo as a photo accessory or photo prop, we advise you to bring your own. The photographer will give you advice on how we can use it. If you have an example with you, please bear in mind that we cannot always reproduce a photo exactly.

-If you do not want to use our transparent cloths, you can also bring your own transparent cloth of at least 1m x 3m. Make sure the material is light so that it can easily “float” in the air.

-If you want to have the canvas photo taken, make sure you bring dark, smooth underwear and preferably a black strapless bandeau for the best result.

Reorder options

-In addition to the photo print 20×30, you also have the option to order extra photos. All prices and options are listed on this link . Every month we have a new monthly promotion such as a discount on a frame or an extra print, ask your photographer about the possibilities

-Select directly 25 high resolution photos for €50 (to print yourself)50 high resolution photos for €75 (to print yourself) or 75 high resolution photos for €100 (to print yourself)

-You will receive the photos within 14 working days or as an urgent order within 3 working days

The follow-up appointment: what is the difference between a Newborn session and a Baby session

-It is not at all surprising that confusion often arises because when do you actually do a newborn session and when do you do a baby session

-The newborn session takes place at your home, we can take photos from 3 days old to a maximum of 5 weeks, we do this without studio lighting in the natural environment of your child, we photograph newborn sessions in a natural way without frills and frills or with the accessories that are present at your home.

-The baby session takes place in the photo studio against a timeless white / black or gray background. We can photograph your little one from 6 weeks old to 12 months with studio lighting.

Sickness policy

NOTE If applicable, read our additional document that we have sent you about the covid-19 measures we are taking and that we expect you to comply with.

-Because we have to reserve studio space and a photographer for you, we assume that you cancel in time, even if in doubt. This way we can make someone else (reserve list) happy with your initially booked time.

-If you, your child or your partner is ill or have just been ill and it concerns a transmissible virus such as covid-19 flu or stomach flu. Can we absolutely not let the session continue. Because we are a family studio and we mainly work with a vulnerable target group in our studio (children, babies and pregnant women), we hope that you will therefore take illness into account. If you have any questions about this, please contact us via email

-If it concerns a session that takes place on the day itself between 9 and half past 11, you can contact us via whatsapp with our emergency number 06-50233303

-In the event of illness prior to the session, we can reschedule for you free of charge to the next free option, but it is only possible if you cancel prior to the session. If you are unable to cancel the session via our emergency number on whatsapp and preferably also send an email prior to the photo session, your session will be canceled and can only be used from the original purchase confirmation with an additional payment of 15 euros .

-If you still come to the session in case of illness and ignore our door policy, the photographer can cancel the session on the spot if in doubt and with his own insight. For example, if you have a cough, a cold or if it is mentioned that you or someone in your household is ill. If this is established by the photographer, the session can be canceled immediately and 30 euros must be paid for a re-take session, the photos already taken will be saved and added while viewing the photos. You will receive a gift voucher for this to schedule the follow-up appointment.

What if you are late for your session time

We know this is very annoying and you may have a good reason for it, but as soon as you know that you will not be able to show up at the booked time within 10 minutes of the start, there is a chance that we will have to cancel the session. If you show up more than 25 minutes late for your appointment without notice, the session will be canceled by us and we will consider it as a no-show. Arriving late can therefore affect the next session or the availability of our photographer. In this case, please contact us immediately via email and via the emergency number of whatsapp so that we can verify that you were on the road at that time, for example, by means of. the time. This way you avoid no-show costs and you can reschedule the session for a small fee. Please note, however, that we may not be able to place you last minute.

To postpone

-Rescheduling without giving a reason from both sides is possible up to 5 days before the start of the session free of charge. We will look for a spot in the short term.

-Only in case of acute illness, the session can be rescheduled free of charge after 5 days before the start of the session. You must contact us by e-mail and by text message on our whatsapp emergency number 0650233303. The session will be at least 14 working days moved forward according to our availability. It is not possible to reschedule a session in the short term.

-In case of a no-show, 30 euros can be charged, no refund is possible and if you have a gift voucher, it will be removed from our system.

-If you have not been able to cancel the appointment in time due to sudden hospitalization or premature delivery, we understand this of course. We do assume that you will do this asap. messages to us. The booked session will be converted to a baby session.

in summary: What is important

·      Let us know in advance who will be photographed so that the photographer can prepare

·      Send us your phonenumber, so we can reach you quicker when necessary

·     You arrive in your first set of clothes and take 1 extra set with you for variety

.      Examples of photos you like to take + accessories needed for this

·      You can only pay with PIN or appropriate cash

· You arrive on time, otherwise we have to move the session

·     You have prepared yourself well if additional measures are taken in connection with the corona virus. Covid-19 have been announced

·     Go into the session with no expectations and everyone will have fun!